Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pumpernickel Pastrami Panini and French Onion Soup

Who could resist the combo of a Pastrami Panini and French Onion Soup?! Not me I tell ya, and not the hubby either, this dinner was for him. Advanced warning though, while neither of these dishes are difficult on their own, I'm not sure I'd pair them together again, based on the multi-tasking factor...but the left overs have been great. I can't claim either of these wonderful dishes, you'll have to thank Tyler for his Ultimate French Onion Soup and Emily for the Pumpernickel Pastrami Panini. For the most part, you can leave these great recipes alone, but I have two minor changes, both on the Pastrami Panini.

1. Skip the Ale Jus, overwhelming rosemary flavor and the Pastrimi can really stand on it's own. Plus skipping a step will save you time.
2. MORE APPLES, the apples on the Pastrami are out of this world, I was picking them out of the apple/onion mix so that I could double up on my Panini and ended up running out!

Tip: Onions make you cry? Throw them in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before you cut them, then cut fast!
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