Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Weekly Menu Planning

If you're looking to save a little money buy doing your own home cooking, then a weekly menu is essential! It saves you from hitting the store many times throughout the week, which we all know costs us no less than $75 a trip. With a weekly menu, you're much less likely to eat out due to poor planning, and it's a great motivator for those of us who really need that push to cook.

This weeks menu:

Tue: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Laura H. (my neighbor)
Wed/Thur: Chicken Noodle Soup, Tyler Florence
Fri: Crescent Chicken Squares, You've Got Supper
Sat: Creole Pork Chops with Red Pepper Corn on the Cob, Cuisine at Home

Tarragon Chicken Salad, You've Got Supper

Apple Tart, The Pioneer Woman
Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, Master Boule Recipe

There's a reason for all this chicken in one week. I bought a chicken that was a pound larger than Tyler's Chicken Soup recipe called for, I'll use the extra chicken in my Tarragon Chicken Salad and the Crescent Chicken Squares, saving myself a bunch of money. Hopefully the meatballs and pork chops will appease my husband, who doesn't usually like to each this much chicken... of course the fresh bread and Apple Tart won't hurt either!
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