Friday, August 07, 2009

Read Your Histogram and Nail Your Exposure | Part I

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John Mireles likes to say that there’s not a lot in the photography business that he hasn’t done in his 20 years in the business. He’s shot everything from fashion editorial to big budget advertising shoots to high-end weddings to family portraits as well as a wide range of personal work that runs from nudes to landscapes. His passion is telling a story through the subjects that he photographs.

You can check out his advertising website here
His wedding photography is online here
His website for photographers is Photographers Toolkit (Be sure to sign up for his free Photographer’s Business Coach.)

MCP readers are very lucky - over the next 3 days John will be teaching you how to read and understand your histogram. This in turn leads to better exposures and less post processing! And knowing your histogram also is very important when using curves and levels. He really explains the histogram in an easy to understand way. I hope you really enjoy and learn from this videos.

Make sure to check out MCP's entire website and Blog!

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