Monday, June 22, 2009

Key Lime Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

The smell of these alone, was hard to resist. My kitchen hasn't smelled that good in years! I found this recipe while doing extensive cupcake recipe searching...I'm so tired of doing the same old thing. Now that summer is here, I just couldn't resist Key Lime, I mean really, is there anyone who can?!? I've always loved, loved, loved Key Lime pie, and since I'm on a cupcake kick, I thought this seemed a perfect way to jump into summer with both bare feet :)

And believe it or not, it is my third Ultimate Recipe Showdown recipe, found completely by accident! Those ladies (as I've yet to try one of the guys), certainly do produce some good stuff. This Key Lime Cupcake is from Jamie Nondorf, thanks so much Jamie!

The cupcakes were awesome, although a bit dry, and didn't quite want to stay together. I added a bit of extra zest and key lime juice to the cupcakes, and backed off a bit on the confectioners sugar in the frosting, overall though, they were really nice, I may just need to tweak it a bit the next time.
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