Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tarragon Chicken Salad

Before trying this chicken salad recipe, it had been years since I'd eaten anything with Tarragon, and it wasn't a happy experience, so I was pretty learey of giving it a go again. Well, I'm so glad I got over it and made the Tarragon Chicken Salad, that comes from You' I've made it enough times now that I don't actually follow the recipe, I just know that I add a ton more of all the good stuff than it calls for. I used some of the left over chicken from my Chicken Noodle Soup, which is perfect for this salad. I don't know about anyone else, but it's just about imposible to find red grapes this season, and the few times I did they were terrible. I was worried that the green grapes wouldn't be as good, but surprisingly they were perfect. I do miss the color that the red grapes offered the dish, but taste wise it was right on! I was having a hard time not just eating this stuff straight out of the bowl, I have a feeling it will be gone by tomorrow! Print this post

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